Chocolate and wine


There are many great combinations in life and chocolate and wine are one of them. Until recently the pairing had sparked controversy but is now succeeding in challenging the palate of seasoned gourmets and first time tasters. The combination certainly provides sophisticated palate sensations and here are some suggestions:

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolates with a distinct taste and is well suited for a sweet Marsala wine or Porto - both Tawny and Ruby.
The following wines are well-suited to chocolates with a high cocoa content:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon, enjoy this classic from Medoc,
  • Australian Shiraz with a good cigar emphasizes the peppery character of this variety,
  • Zinfandel or its progenitor - Primitivo from Pugli.

Another wonderful combination is dark chocolate with a sweet Sauternes. This will bring out the fine acidity of the wine, which is difficult to taste without the contrast of dark chocolate.

Milk chocolate

The sweetness of milk chocolate is worth experiencing with a Moselle or Rhine Riesling.  Particularly a Spätlese, Auslese, or Muscat would be a delicious combination.  If you are in the mood for a red wine, try a Chilean Merlot or Pinot Noir with our milk chocolates.

White chocolate

White chocolate is excellent for pairing with an Alsatian Gewürtztraminer, a semi-sweet Riesling, a Muscat unfortified with alcohol or Sherry (except a very sweet Pedro Jimenez and dry fino) as it highlights the creamy taste of our white chocolate.

Chocolate and coffee

kawaChocolate and coffee is another winning combination.  Just think of Arabic coffee, which tastes like both delicious chocolate and pralines! But we don’t suggest you only have one as coffee and chocolate are two unique flavors that most gourmets could not live without.  This enticing combination blends the taste of aromatic, bitter coffee and real chocolate, that melts in your mouth.  The pair is poetry in taste that is hard to describe so perhaps it should just be enjoyed.

Chocolate, like coffee, is a stimulant containing theobromine, a natural substance derived from cocoa beans. Chocolate, when combined with coffee creates a remarkably delicious and energizing drink.

The classic coffee and chocolate combination is Mocha. It consists of (in equal proportions): espresso, real dark chocolate and hot foamed milk. All the ingredients are combined then served immediately.  Traditionalists believe that mocha should be brewed only from Ethiopian coffee - the best of which is Arabica Mocha due to its natural, outstanding chocolate note and medium strength.