Our chocolate

handmadeAs Chocolate Masters before, Cortez Chocolate blends pure, aromatic Belgian chocolate into elegant and unique creations.

Cortez Chocolate uses only the finest ingredients. While other chocolate makers in Poland try to reduce production costs by adding unnecessary fats, Cortez Chocolate only uses quality cocoa butter to ensure the taste of the chocolate. Cocoa butter melts at the natural temperature of the human, 36 ° C.  Added fats used by other chocolate makers dissolve at 38 ° C, resulting in an unpleasant layer of fat on the tongue, which the human body is unable to dissolve naturally. By using only real cocoa butter, Cortez Chocolate truly melts in your mouth!
It is common practice in Poland to use artificial vanilla flavor, however Cortez Chocolate uses only natural vanilla to give our chocolate a unique flavor and aroma.

The fruit used in the production of Cortez Chocolate is not your typical dried fruit. Our fruit has a natural color and, above all, the taste of fresh fruit. Our fruit is not crystallized, sweetened or in any way preserved. A special manufacturing process is used to maintain all the benefits of the fruit we use in our chocolate.