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Our chocolate

As Chocolate Masters before, Cortez Chocolate blends pure, aromatic Belgian chocolate into elegant and unique creations.

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Aztecki Kalendarz

For the Aztecs, chocolate was a soothing balm, an aphrodisiac and source of wisdom and power. For us, chocolate is a great passion that stimulates the senses and inspires creativity. This passion of the heart is precisely how Cortez Chocolate was created.

Our philosophy is to return to the source – to what always has been the best in chocolate. Above all, we would like to share the real and natural taste of chocolate, untainted by artificial additives. We continue to look for new taste sensations and create unusual combinations of our chocolate with Polish fruit and herbs. The Aztec rulers raved about chili pepper chocolate and we’ve carried on these tried and true recipes. We are proud of our products and are thrilled that they are conquering the hearts of more and more chocolate lovers.

Our company is comprised of people, who at different stages of life found real chocolate, fell in love and couldn’t live without it. We are now lucky enough to create our own chocolate and want to share our passion for chocolate with more friends!


  • How to enjoy Cortez Chocolate +

    In order to fully enjoy the chocolate-fruit compositions of Cortez Premium Chocolate, it is important to keep several important aspects in mind.

    Taste flows from nature
    When tasting our chocolate, place the fruit directly on your tongue and let the chocolate dissolve on the palate. This will enable the fruit to release its original taste faster, thus creating the perfect combination with the chocolate.

    Thanks to a special drying process, our fruit preserves its natural taste, color, and nutritional value. They are as nature created them.

    Melts in Your mouth
    We only use cocoa butter in production because it melts at the natural temperature of the body, 36 ° C. Fats used in the production of other popular chocolates dissolve at a temperature of 38 ° C, which the human body is unable to naturally dissolve resulting in an unpleasant fat layered in the tongue. The use of cocoa butter in Cortez Chocolate ensures that our chocolate truly melts in your mouth.

    Only real vanilla is used in the creation of our chocolate ensuring a unique taste and natural aroma. We do not add artificial vanilla flavor, which leaves a synthetic perfumed taste in a mouth.

    The fragmentation process of the ingredients used in the creation of our chocolate is held at a very early stage of production and is essential to the taste of the chocolate. The more fragmented the components, the greater the feeling of velvetiness in the mouth during tasting.

    Chocolate produced using "underdeveloped" fragmentation leaves an unpleasant feeling of roughness and lumps on the palate. This negatively affects the final flavor and prevents the enjoyment of the true deep taste of real chocolate.

    The use of natural soy lecithin to combine the ingredients of the chocolate is also important. Chocolate is created from ingredients that vary in consistency and soy lecithin ensures that the perfect structure is produced. This delicate mixture puts us in a blissful state when enjoying chocolate.

    Soy lecithin also helps our bodies maintain good health. So for a delicious treat with health benefits, reach for a Cortez Chocolate bar.

  • How to store chocolate +

    Cool, but not too cold!
    The ideal temperature for storing chocolate is 12-20 ° C, as it maintains the best taste properties at this temperature. The best place to store chocolate is a cool, dark and dry place.
    Excessive humidity or high temperatures causes a coating to appear on the chocolate, which is not harmful, but affects the taste and aesthetics of the chocolate.

    Chocolate coatings
    The sugar bloom (white coating) effect can be observed if chocolate is stored in the fridge and later moved to a very warm room. Condensation will appear on chocolate subjected to such a rapid change in temperature (more than 10 °C). The condensation will extract sugar from the chocolate and, after it evaporates, leave behind a white coating.
    The fat bloom (gray haze) effect occurs when chocolate is stored a very high temperature. The cocoa butter used in the chocolate melts and settles on its surface affecting the taste and aesthetics of the chocolate.

    Odor absorption
    Chocolate contains sugar and fat, two components that easily absorb odors from the environment. Therefore, it is important to avoid storing chocolate with products that give off strong odors because the taste will be altered.

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The Chest of Cortez

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Chocolate, a sweet recipe for a happy life!

  • Chocolate Adoration
  • Sweet Temptation

Chocolate Adoration

Chocolate was originally treated as a religious symbol and evoked feelings of power and delight. Many adored the wonderful aroma and taste of chocolate. Now, chocolate is not only appreciated in the culinary arts but in other arenas too. Be mindful, as you too may become an adoring fan addicted to the delicious taste of Cortez Chocolate!

Sweet Temptation

Chocolate is known as a sweet and delicate aphrodisiac with a temptation that is hard to resist. Rightfully so, chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a naturally occurring compound, that produces the feeling of being in love. This natural derivative in chocolate makes one feel relaxed and happy while enjoying a Cortez Chocolate bar.

  • Energy Boost
  • Health Benefits

Chocolate Energy Boost

Real chocolate contains many nutrients that boost your energy levels. Chocolate is a healthy choice for a quick dose of energy that you can enjoy during or after physical activity. So after your next sports match, have a delicious Cortez Chocolate bar!

Chocolate Health Benefits

There are many health benefits to enjoying chocolate as it contributes to healthy living and has a strong anti-depressant effect. Chocolate contains magnesium, which regulates the efficiency of nerve cells. It also contains zinc and selenium, which by increasing the level of endorphins in the body, significantly reduces the negative impacts of stress on the human body. Chocolate improves the efficiency of human intellectual skills and positively affects concentration. It contains polyphenols that neutralize free radicals, thus delaying the aging process of cells. Chocolate increases the level of good cholesterol in the blood and is a rich source of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron, as well as vitamins A, D, E and B.